Netizens praised Vice Ganda for his remarks in It’s Showtime’s segment, Rampanalo on May 24. One of the contestants in the segment was a third-year nursing student at the Far Eastern University (FEU) pulled out from the audience.

The TV host interviewed each contestant and made running gags for the show.

Later on, he asked the nursing contestant about any plan to continue in the field after graduating.

The conversation trailed on about the nursing profession in the country, and the TV host shared his insights.

“Maraming kumukuha ng nursing pagkatapos… (nag-ano pa ‘yon hah) nag-board pa ‘yon tapos registered pero hindi naitutuloy ang kurso.”


Vice Ganda pointed out that the low salaries that nurses face in the Philippines are enough reason for them to leave because of the better prospects outside of the country.

The average monthly salary of Registered Nurses in the country is around ₱32, 600 in 2023. This amount is nowhere near enough to cover the expenses of a family of six for a month, especially at the current prices.

At the end of the conversation, he praised the nurses who are staying in the country despite the meager pay.

He also called for added protection and higher salaries for the nursing profession and even included the teaching profession in the call.

Because of these statements, many netizens posted numerous praise for the TV host.

“Yesss! Thank you meme for loving sa mga nurse at syempre sa Guro,” one of the replies to a tweet reads.

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