- Moira Dela Torre posted a cute video clip that showed her epic-fail attempt at startling her friends

- She crouched behind a counter and waited for her friends to pass by

- When they did, she let out a small yelp, which did not do anything to her friends

- They started laughing at Moi and told her "Ahhahaha mali...mali"

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Moira Dela Torre took to IG Stories and shared a cute clip of her epic-fail attempt at startling her friends.

She crouched behind a counter, and waited patiently for her friends to pass by.

One of them was carrying what looked like a sushi plate.

When they did, Moi let out a short yelp in the hopes of getting a reaction from her friends.

Unfortunately, they were not surprised at all.

They just looked at Moi and continued on.

One of her closest friends then pointed at her and started laughing.

"Ahahahaha mali...mali..." he said.

Moi then laughed and jokingly kicked her friend.

Recently, Moira also shared a video, where she asked her friend if he has already watched the new girl.

"Napanood mo na yung new girl," asked Moira.
"Yung new girl?" she then reiterated the question.
"Bakit?" her friend responded.
"Napanood mo na?" Moira asked again.

Moira Dela Torre is one of the most popular and in-demand music artists in the Philippines. She rose to fame with her songs “Malaya” and “Titibo-Tibo.” Moira, a devout Christian, married singer Jason Marvin Hernandez on January 14, 2019. Last year, the famous singer and her husband Jason decided to part ways. Both Moira and Jason have requested privacy in such a difficult time.

Moira’s innate beauty once again gained praise on social media. In a post, Moira shared a photo flaunting her look for a friend’s wedding. During the wedding, the singer-songwriter also served as a bridesmaid. Many netizens then took to the comments section and gushed over Moira’s appearance.

She recently posted a series of heartwarming pictures she recently took. On her Instagram page, Moira made a gallery filled with pictures she took with family and friends. She then penned a short yet sweet caption about the current state of her heart and how much love she has been feeling. This, in return, tugged at the heartstrings of her fans and followers, who expressed their happiness for her.

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