Sustaining a successful career in the cutthroat entertainment industry is a remarkable accomplishment for South Korean stars.

Lee Seung Gi, a Hallyu star whose career spans almost two decades, has captivated audiences all over the world with his exceptional acting, singing, and hosting abilities.

He debuted in 2004 as a singer before officially transitioning into acting with his appearance in KBS' 2006 weekend drama, Infamous Chill Sisters.

Since then, he has gained recognition for his iconic performances in a number of Korean dramas as well as for his appearances on numerous reality TV shows and talk shows, including 2 Days 1 Night (2007), Brilliant Legacy (2009), Strong Heart (2009), My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010), The King 2 Hearts (2012), Gu Family Book (2013), You're All Surrounded (2014), A Korean Odyssey (2017–2018), Vagabond (2019), and Mouse (2021).

The 36-year-old actor/singer/host recently made a comeback to acting in the K-drama The Law Café, where he plays Kim Jung Ho, a brilliant man who worked as a prosecutor but resigned because of his father's corruption scandal.

This month, the South Korean star is coming back to Manila for 2023 Lee Seung Gi Asia Tour Concert in Manila: The Dreamer's Dream, Chapter 2. His anticipated comeback concert is set to take place on May 27, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City.

Throughout his journey, Lee Seung Gi has encountered a variety of challenges and victories that come with being in the public eye.

And as the fans eagerly wait for his comeback concert, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) looks back at the turning points that have significantly shaped his career over the years.

"triple threat" entertainer

Due to his successes in the three entertainment areas of singing, acting, and hosting, Lee Seung Gi is often referred to as a "triple threat" in the Korean entertainment industry.

His talents have solidified his place among the most well-known and admired entertainers in South Korea.

Lee Seung Gi has produced several chart-breaking songs, such as "Delete," "Losing My Mind," "Will You Marry Me," and his debut single "Because You're My Woman," which was written and composed by South Korean singer-songwriter-record producer, Psy.

The actor has also displayed his acting skills and versatility by successfully taking on a wide range of roles—from romantic dramas like My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, historical epics like Gu Family Book to fantasy series A Korean Odyssey.

He has also made a name for himself as a skilled host, thanks to his work as the host of numerous award ceremonies and well-known variety shows, like 2 Days, 1 Night; Master in the HouseBusted.

Through the years, Lee Seung Gi has taken home not just one but multiple grand prize awards for his work in dramas, films, variety shows, and music.

Making it to Forbes Korea’s Most Powerful Celebrity List

Lee Seung Gi’s solid entertainment track record and popularity have earned him a prominent place on the Forbes Korea Powerful Celebrity list.

The singer-actor-host has appeared on this esteemed list numerous times since 2010—from 2010 to 2012, 2015, 2022 to 2023.

Aside from creating chart-topping music, starring in well-liked Korean dramas has further established Lee Seung Gi as one of South Korea's most sought-after leading men.

Forbes Korea’s annual list of the most powerful Korean celebrities showcases the individuals who have made significant breakthroughs in their respective fields, ranging from music, film, and television, to sports and beyond.

The selection criteria take into account a number of factors, including the celebrities' achievements, social-media influence, media presence, and substantial earnings.

Highly talked-about love life

Like many Korean stars, Lee Seung Gi’s dating rumors and romantic relations attracted media attention and public scrutiny.

His love life made headlines in 2013, when he was first rumored to be dating Girls' Generation member Yoona. The two celebrities' respective agencies confirmed that they were dating, but after dating in the public eye for more than a year, the couple reportedly broke up.

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Despite the other dating rumors that persisted through the years, Lee Seung Gi was able to keep his personal life private.

But in 2020, he surprised his followers by revealing his relationship with actress Lee Da-in.

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The couple had been spotted together in a number of public appearances, and fans voiced both positive and negative opinions about their relationship.

On April 7, 2023, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da-in tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Seoul, South Korea.

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On November 24, 2023, Lee Seung Gi declared that he was parting ways with his longtime talent agency, Hook Entertainment.

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He had an exclusive agreement with the agency for 18 years, but decided to terminate it following a payment dispute. He cited a discrepancy in compensation for digital streams and downloads of his songs.

In an official statement, Lee Seung Gi expressed his lack of confidence in Hook Entertainment and its CEO, Kwon Jin Young. Legal counsel for Lee Seung Gi demanded the disclosure of payment and compensation histories.

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Over the course of his career, Lee Seung Gi was one of Hook Entertainment's highest-paid celebrities, and had released more than 100 songs.

Hook Entertainment continues to represent other notable celebrities, such as Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Park Min-young, and Lee Sun-hee.

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